Dr Carrie Jones

It is with great delight that we welcomed to UK for the first time, s the expert writer on Women's Health and frequent lecturer internationally on hormones, thyroid disorders and Celiac Disease, Dr. Carrie Jones 


Including the DUTCH test

The HPA axis is a complicated set of relationships and signals that exist between the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the adrenals. This relationship is an absolutely indispensable part of our existence. It’s a complicated subject, and the way that the adrenals, the pituitary gland, and hypothalamus interact with each other has been the subject of considerable research. 

Duration 2hrs 30min

This is a perfect recording and should not be missed for any Health and Fitness Professional or student of the same.

Location: Manchester, UK

June 2017

Fee £20 + Vat


Carrie, with her expert knowledge unravelled the complexities it holds, but also clearly and concisely explained the intricacies of each hormone, how they vary, where they can be found and the tools suitable for effective intervention and support including the DUTCH test from Precision Analytical.

Dr Carrie Jones Hormones 101

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Dr Carrie Jones Recording

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