Vitamin D (250H D2 & D3)

Vitamin D is recognised as a worldwide epidemic and is a contributing factor of many chronic debilitating diseases.

25-Hydroxyvitamin D, known for its role in bone health and calcium absorption, also appears to affect immune function, neuro-degenerative and cardiovascular diseases, and other conditions. Vitamin D occurs in two forms – D3 is obtained from animal diet sources and through sun exposure and D2 is obtained through vegetable diet sources. Both forms of the vitamin are used to fortify various foods and in supplements.

Doctor’s Data uses the gold standard LC/MS method to measure this sample for Vitamin D2, D3, and total Vitamin D

Results are presented in a clear, easy to understand report which graphically illustrates target ranges and and areas of concern.

Doctors Data use reference ranges for this test that are similar to those of the 2011 Endocrine Society Practice Guidelines and apply to males and females of all ages. Their guideline for  optimum levels of Vitamin D in a healthy population are; 40-80 ng/ml (100-200 nmol/L).

This is a Blood Spot test is which is  fast, simple and requires only a finger prick of blood for the tip of the patients finger.